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"Besides, if the good old roman empire blacksmiths gild (commonly recognized as the originators of the trademark) already cared for their work, why shouldn’t you care for your own business just as much, especially at times where business snatching is a striving practice!?"

With over 8 years experienc in Asian Trademark Registration, one of the more difficult and sensitive business zones, as well as US and EUROPE coverage, Chinabiz21 offers extensive global trademark application processing for every business, and we mean Every, especially small and medium (SME) enterprises who often rather neglect to protect their business in return of saving costs. Fact is, with Chinabiz21 global trademark services, it doesn’t need to reach higher expenses.

Yet, we tend to go still beyond traditional trademark services

we offer extended IP protection through;

  • International Patent Protection – Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System
  • International Trademark Registration (Madrid System)
  • International Design Registration (Hague System)
  • International Registration of Appellations of Origin (Lisbon System)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • International Classifications
  • Protection of State Emblems (Article 6ter)

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Understanding the term "Copyright!"

"Trademark Essentials" which you really need to understand!

A Trademark, which typically "marks your trade" (or business, which you trade under or better, people know and identify you with) in most cases, will refer to a; slogan or phrase, a word, a design, a logo or image. Trademarks, however, can also cover a smell, distinct color(s) and/or sound(s).

Though there may be some similarities between the copyright and an (un)registered Trademark as in what they cover, the perhaps most significant difference lies in the protection you receive between the four. Therefore it is utmost important for you to exact know and differentiate the legal constitution between the three (4).

Difference between registered, ® and a trademark, ™

Quality comes with believe in the value of your own brand and thus it comes to no surprise that two of the oldest brands in the Trademark history count to some of my favorite, the Löwenbräu, which secured the lion symbol as their mark and brand, reaching as far back as 1383, and Stella Artois, which acted even faster in already 1366. With so many countries all adapting to the Madrid System in the basics of intellectual property protection, very distinct legal protection laws and in different geographical places, when it comes to covering your local protection, the use of an unregistered Trademark may protect you in one country whereas in the neighboring region you may just fall through.

Trademark or Patent! Or both?

If a Trademark can provide you with protection for, branding of and the successful development and growth of your business - make no mistake, your ideas, inventions, designs (though they may only be a draft), etc. will have receive protection at all. And that is where the patent comes to rescue to fill the gap.

Common sense would tell you now already that the process in providing you with the rightful claim of a patent is much more complex and involves many more factors in preparing for such a grant. That, said, and especially when referring to so called "copycat" countries, your business is a t great risk to losing its existence especially when you are "producing", anything. A Patent here is just as important as your daily breakfast. Go without for some time - you may walk no longer - in time!