A Typical Chinabiz21 Procurement Management Chart

Legal Framework and Contract Drafting

Conceptual Planning & Design

Project Panning

Material Checking

Prior Production Control

Certification Processing

Production Probes

Random QC

Deadline Checks

Risk Management

Dispute Mitigation

Packaging and Storing Control

Post Production QC

Loading and Final QC

Port & Shipping Arranging

Transport Controlling

Custom Clearing

Shipping Insurance



Supply Sourcing Factory / Workplace Check

Consistency Checks R&DProduction PlanningProduction Control

Management Liaison P&O Cost Management Project Cost-Negotiation SRM

100% China Procurement Management

We start your Purchasing Project - and We Finish it.

Chinabiz21 Procurement Team will take the most discussed, the most complaint and the most obstacle loaded purchasing tasks off your table and to assure:

  • your budget is met and honored
  • supplier meets all your standard settings
  • supplier works with high level of consistency
  • manufacturing and other deadlines are met - and
  • guarantee delivery*
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Meet China Procurement Beauty & Beast

The Procurement Beauty

  • huge network/choice on suppliers
  • bargaining power because of huge competition
  • low pricing structure
  • predictable profit/loss calculation
  • skilled labor is increasingly becoming better
  • formidable factories allow large order fast delivery
  • generous willingness to meet (any) requirements
  • impressive network of industrial zones
  • great infrastructure between zones

The Procurement Beast

  • language barrier
  • cultural differences - difficult to exchange needs
  • Impossible to know - Yes is a No, or No is a Yes?!
  • Your intellectual property is always at great risk
  • Little to absolutely no sense of loyally
  • extensive cost-cutting on your expenses
  • time consuming to establish good relationships
  • difficult to realize fake relationships
  • time consuming, expensive back and forth travel
  • difficult to sustain RO on procurement and QC
  • extreme high staff fluctuation
  • high number of unreliable staff
  • staff stealing company property to earn extra cash
  • difficulties in maintaining quality consistency
  • high rate of fraud, embezzlement and bribery
  • increased battles with authorities as you grow

Cross Mainland China Procurement Power

With over USD m21 combined procurement volume in the year 2011, Chinabiz21 contributed towards successful trade with China for many multinational firms around the globe. As our efforts continue to work close together with our Chinese partners, enhance monitor and QC control, more foreign procurement offices and agents from around the globe will take advantage from Chinabiz21 unique and advanced procurement system to secure and guarantee their manufacturing and purchasing in and from China.

Find out yourself, how -
You, too, can benefit from Chinabiz21 China Procurement System!
Success is not measured by the profits you write...
but by the loss of profits you manage to avoid.
"Norbert Harms"