Chinabiz21 Business Rearview News: May 31, 2012

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Following scenario is a real life story(told thousands of times with different names):

"The lawful owner" of a fashion clothing trademark, registered in Australia,
decided to register their trademark in China, before trying to sell their goods in China. The registration of the trademark in China, however, was rejected with the reason that the trademark already existed in China. (surprise surprise)

A search on some Chinese web-sites found that the goods were sold in (the Chinese clone-like version of eBay). In fact, however, the goods would only be sold on a small scale and the "manufacturer" wouldn’t have a presence in China neither. The trademark was registered in China already a few years ago, not by a company but by an individual and that individual had also applied for numerous other trademarks.

Nevertheless, that individual was one of the Chinese smart trademark business man who knew that if they register these trademarks, they will have hold the rights in China. All the trademarks registered by this individual were either national or international brands that would not have any presence in China as yet. So this good and brave Chinese Citizen helped to create brand awareness for the brands, even before they’d hit the local market.

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And guess what,

According to "Chinese law", this brave trademark kleptomaniac will be the rightful owner of your brand! Carrying out any legitimate business or not, that doesn’t count in China. China is powerful, so it can afford it’s own rules, despite being a member of the WTO. This is China! Hence, Chinese rule says:
First Register - First Owner
...and you don’t need to have any business, nor carry out any business activities. Just pick any trademark you like and register it in China, and the owner of the existing business or brand will have no longer the rights to own or operate their business, not in China!

So there you go, you have a successful brand and think you may dare to bring it to China? Chances will be better tomorrow than today, that you may be stopped from carrying out your business in China, because you’d infringe against your own brand, which is, indeed, not your brand but Chinese property, instead. It’s ruthless business at maximum heights.

Do you want the same happen to your business?
For the sake of saving a a few thousand RMB on securing your business and tetaining the rights of being the "rightful owner" of your own business?

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