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Taking your company public, you add prestige, visibility and high, long-term rewards to all players in the market, your - customers, suppliers, employers, and community.
Like many other initiatives, the going public process is not without its challenges: complex accounting rules and reporting requirements, pressures on time and resources, and managing new stakeholders - the board, shareholders, and possibly - new management

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Going Public … IPOs are on demand more than ever

Taking your company public is a mighty decision. It changes the way of conducting business, dramatically and forever. The transformation from a private to a public listed company involves a complete restructuring of your company. It affords the necessity of business transparency at far highs. It demands a swift shift on responsibility reporting and let loose of personal interests. It is, indeed, a process which requires the most diligent preparation and readiness of all players involved in the public offering - "IPO" process!


Excellent planned ahead and strategically well placed and executed,
the newly public listed company may raise enormous amounts of money at time of the offering to the public.

However, the process of going public, as attractive the promising the numbers may appear, is a long, enduring way and will draw in many of your existing company staff members. The time-span can be as long as up to 3 years and much water will flow down the riverbed in that time.

Your team around you, preparing and leading you up to and standing by you after the transformation has been concluded, will be the measure point of your IPO going public success.

Selecting and commission that team will be the most crucial decision for you to make. Since IPO is so hot, and led to a longer cue on the table, a certain "rush-hour" effect was recorded on all major Stock Exchanges and, unfortunately, resulted in some less successful public listing cases in just resent time. Proof, however, on how important the right team for your IPO offering process is and how dangerous the process is as a whole. Instead of raising the extra cash, a badly performed or over enthusiastic approach may as well backfire and quite easy, your many years of hard work on building up your company may just come to an end, before experiencing the glory of a Public Listing for your company.

The Chinabiz21 IPO team will ascertain a successful transformation of your private company into a well in demand
"Public Listed Company"

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