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Your China Visa

We accept and process both; overseas and local, greater China-wide China visa applications.

Our Chinabiz21 China Entry Visa section is currently being undergoing complete restructure. Our new China Visa section will comprise a comprehensive China visa guide with detailed information on the China Visa matters in general, China visa application processing, application timing, documents required for a China entry visa, China visa exceptions and China visa exclusions, etc.
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Special: China Work VisaChinabiz21 can offer special work visa arrangements for applicant in connections with establishing a China WFOE company. If you consider to expand your business into China under the China investment scheme, Chinabiz21 can not only provide you with specific advanced company formation and setup service but also include your work visa arrangement for yourself together with additional foreign directors/employees. Please contact our office with your specific requirements and a free initial consultation.

Under current China Entry Visa laws, the following visa options are available;

  • China Business Visa visa help button
  • China Work Visa visa help button
  • China Student Visa visa help button
  • China Tourist Visa visa help button
  • China Crew Visa visa help button

Please note, if you are of a Japan, Singapore or Brunei passport holder, you can travel and enter China Visa free as a tourist or on business matters for a maximum stay of 15 days, hence, you don't need to apply for a entry visa as long as you don't intend to stay longer.

Chinabiz21 can currently assist both local and overseas China visa application. Visa application fees and visa processing time, as well as China visa eligibility depend greatly on your nationality. There is no set amount equal to all applicants and different restrictions may apply.


Minimum China visa requirements.

  • Apply for your China visa well in advance, and allow a 4 weeks minimum for your China visa application.
  • Make sure the your current passport is valid for at least another 6 months minimum.
  • Make sure your current passport retains a minimum 3 empty pages.
  • Make sure you have no bad records standing with China immigration or any negative China police records.
China visa Special:
for overseas and long distance (nation-wide) china visa applicants
Enjoy Free Passport and Visa Courier Services.


For China visa applicants from abroad or from anywhere within Greater China (mainland, Hong Kong or Macau), Chinabiz21 offers free courier services. Please allow for extra courier time and use our online contact form for your initial visa inquiry. For security reasons, all long distance China visa applications, together with passport and any additional required documents can only be receive by our Hong Kong company headquarter.