It’s a long way... from the moment you decided on your supplier - to receiving the goods

Chinabiz21 will keep an eye on your Trade and Procurement in China!

just to make sure your trade and manufacturing development follows your plan.

  • China Procurement Management

    Chinabiz21 offers complete, extensive procurement management packages.

    In short, this means Chinabiz21 take care of every procurement challenge; from sourcing, production and control, quality checks to shipping and delivery and beyond still.

    Whether you need just to check on your existing supply sources, need to find that specific product or manufacturer with the needed skills to manufacture your product, or you need additional expertise, better reliability, have some needs for trustworthy QC experts who don’t just write OK-reports... Or you need somebody to look after the entire process, from negotiation to finalizing shipment.


    Chinabiz21 Procurement Management Team will offer you a solution that suits every of your needs!

    Our Procurement Management Section will tell you more and get you started.

  • China Quality Control | QC

    Another "Quality COntroller" - just another tree in the woods?

    Not even close! Chinabiz21 knows every trick and crafty technique. Chinabiz21 is also fully aware of the many other aspects that could and would weaken an otherwise responsible Quality Controller and is not making any room for emotional or cultural inflicts to move in. We have done it a thousand times and know there is far more to quality control then controlling quality. Veteran purchasers will only agree, QC get’s tougher with every purchase you’ve made from your supply source. We call it the fall-back from ill-driven "Guang-Xi"

    Chinabiz21 QC teams are like a soaring eagle with sharp claws and if someone steps out of line, we just pick’em up and place them back in place again! We are sure good in trusting, but far better in controlling!


    Proceed to our China Quality Control (QC) section

  • Legal Matters - Contract Drafting

    China is a member of the WTO, yes, so what, it’s still China. Although China is doing a tremendous job in improving, it’s legal system is still very thin and thus, contacts are being flashed down just like water, still. Mind you, China faces the task of educating over 1.3 billion hungry souls. You needn’t good, or best legal support, you need legal support from people who know how to secure your rights in China, especially when a foreigner!

    Same story like with QC, there are literally thousands of lawyers in China, all welcoming you. Why wouldn’t they? What you need is find that one independent law expert to back you, and not the system! That is exactly what you can expect from Chinabiz21!

    Check out your Chinabiz21 Legal Advice and Legal Support

  • Manufacturing | OEM Service

    China is on a fast-track to become the world’s largest manufacturer. Literally as well as basically. When talking manufacturing, OEM is many times already present. But who is the OEM really? One will point not at me and anther would say not you!

    Hence, with the manufacturing area on your neck there come many other, extreme important issues, especially in China. It’s not just getting your product manufactured, it’s more an issue of keeping your rights on the manufacturing and product, etc. It’s critical, but certainly manageable with the right expertise behind.

    Take advantage from Chinabiz21 OEM expertise!

  • Export & Logistics

    So, you got it all done. Congratulations!

    Yet, there is still some distance to overcome, getting your product out of the factory, loaded and to port storage, then to the loading docks and onto the ship. Dozens of hurdles and obstacles are all falling in here that need to be jumped safely, to make sure the product you manufactured or ordered in China will arrive at your arrival dock, just as it all said in the many reports you’d been sent ahead..

    Chinabiz21’s logistics and sipping department takes care of documentation, shipping cost negotiation, transport, insurance and everything else.

    Proceed to the Chinabiz21 Export & Logistics section

  • Supply Chain Management

    Do you need a reliable and highly functional supply chain management system?

    While most wholesalers, importers and resellers consider themselves as already managing their own supply chain, many would still struggle with the definition of supply chain and so they would struggle their supply just the same.

    At Chinabiz21, we consider a functional supply chain in place, when your operation has maximized your cost efficiency and delivery effectiveness. But what does this involve and how can you achieve and sustain a functional supply chain?

    Find out more in our Chinabiz21 Supply Chain Management section


How we contribute towards your China Trade and Procurement

China Procurement Management

We simply apply our expertise in purchase monitoring. A thorough, together with our local business partners developed, industry based monitor plan is strategically placed in-between your purchase and delivery

Extensive Quality Control

Control. Once? Twice? Trice? When and by whom? Quality Control in China is like knowing when the kid will sneak out of bed to make its way to the fridge to recover its confiscated ice-cream. You wouldn’t ask your neighbor’s kid to watch over this, would you?

Contract Drafting | Legal Support

How do you word your contracts in China? What are the loop-holes in the Chinese Trade and Foreign Investment law? How do you ascertain your interests are covered by your rights? What exactly are your rights and obligations anyway? China and WTO, how much weight is in this fact or is it merely playing politics?

Manufacturing | OEM

Whether you seek to setup your own manufacturing plant or OEM outsource your production development to an adequate manufacturing partner, Chinabiz21 will find the right partner and apply adequate due diligence to ascertain the level of credibility needed for a surprise free, successful OEM and also manage your entire project onsite if needed.


You got so far through every step, now it is time for shipping it to your destination. Chinabiz21’s strategic partnership with the best in both, professionally handle your shipment as well as offer you the best value will make sure this last step will not ruin all previous achievements.

China Supply Chain

Are you to relocate (or part thereof) or outsource/develop your supply chain to/in China? We have the right team, from sourcing to IT in place and ready to take on your project.

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