Operate a

Smooth, Efficient and Profitable Company in China /Asia

with the advantage of Chinabiz21 4-Tier Complete Business Solutions

Imagine someone in China

– Looking at you and not just seeing $$$ jumping out of your face!

– Not just hearing you but actually take time listening to you!

– Imagine someone, understand you 100% and deliver exactly what you need!

Doing business with China doesn’t need to mean headache and frustration!

4-Tier, All-In-One China Business Solutions

for your fast, smooth and secure business development in China!

Services you can ask for and expect!

  • Complete, One-Stop Business / Company Registration
    we will take care of the tedious workload involved cutting through the tight "Bureaucracy Jungle", rid all obstacles and danger and pave a clear way for you to walk save into your new company office in China.

    with Chinabiz21 you can make sure your new business in China is not just registered (thousands of cheap, well dressed street vendors will offer you that on the run), but that your new Chinese company will also be 100% legal and complies with all and the too many regulations and conforms to China’s all national, provincial and local laws.

    you will also get to know all the other China business nitty-gritty which you should know before starting up a new company in China. Since we are not Chinese, and thus neither obligated nor attached, we can afford hiding absolutely "nothing" from you.

    when pluging into our 4-Tier China business services range, you will also be able to afford and take advantage from the many other business add-on services we offer, e.g. from; book-keeping, accounting, office supply, translation, printing, to business branding, marketing, patent and bsuiness trademark registration, business licensing, real estate, HR. That’s why we claim to be your true "One-Stop", 4-Tier Business Services provider and consultant in China. We always aim for long term business relationships and to be on your side, whenever need arises in any avenue during your business formation as well as after, duting your ongoing business development.

    We certainly do not!
    We will neither scare nor try to bribe you with the common "Guang-Xi" ghost stories, just to squeeze some extra cash out of you. China is no different than any other country. Just like back home, you need to know where, how and who. That, of course, can take a long time in China, simply due to the thick jungle.
    Mind you, even the locals would often not know their way through and thus take easy cuts instead. Sure, if you are a party animal, Guang-Xi is the way to go, enjoy. But you certainly needn’t engulf in the long, nightly lady-karaoke shows, endless dining and drinking and filling pockets of the many "Guang-Xi" ghost-riders. These tunnels are deep and most never-ending and besides, professional Chinese business partners simply neither have the time nor would they ask you for. The rest? Depending on your priorities, you should otherwise think twice about if you really want to go down, this way!

China’s economy and middle class is growing fast.

China is and keeps growing, without doubts. And with an economy growing at such fast pace, many opportunities are created alongside and at both ends, driving the hunger for cutting oneself a good chunk off, too. Therefore we cannot stress enough that the most dangerous person you can meet in China is somebody that appears overwhelmingly helpful, smiles at you from their hair-root to the tip of their tows, hugs and holds onto you and even invites you for lucnh or dinner, welcoming you as their friend. - STAY CLEAR !!! Nothing else to add.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, and 80% of it - just living, over 1.3-1.5 million students graduating every year from the universities in one city only (not to mention the thousands more universities throughout China) and a society that is so competitive that bones are almost replaced by fear of failing (literally speaking), you needn’t possess special imaginative senses to figure out how many people will turn over-industrious in trying to make a quit.

It’s no secret neither that you may well be approached by English speaking beggars nowadays. Chinese are renown for being ultra-fast learners and with hundreds of thousands of foreigners visiting China every month, you’d been studied already, inside-out and thus, you will hear many phrases and speeches around you, very well know to you. It will certainly help to make you feel very comfortable, almost like home. Don’t get too relaxed. Stay alert and know, if comething sounds too good and nice, it most likely is!

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Norbert Harms, CEO