• Company Registration: China

    China’ Business and Company Law comprises a vast variety of different business types. Though, the WFOE company type seems a favorite, Chinabiz21 will always suggest and assist you in comparing other possible options. Although it may appear confusing, choosing the right company type is crucial and resolutes in operation restrictions, obligations and benefits for your China company.
    Chinabiz21’ experienced company formation business consultants will assist you in every aspect of your China business registration and formation. At the end you will have received all necessary information to be able to make a professional decision on your China business registration process, and additional Business Add-On service options for your day-to-day operation.

  • Hong Kong Company Registration

    The process for registering a company in Hong Kong is closely based on the British system, straight forward, a sole proprietor, private, or public, that’ it. Aforesaid, and though it is easy for almost every foreigner to register a company in HK, rules and regulations are stiff and all set for the in the Hong Kong Company Ordinance.
    Since hardly any business owner really spends time to read, Chinabiz21 will make sure you comply with all rules and regulations, update you with any important changes, and offer many other services, like accounting, company secretary, and many other during your absence (many of our clients hardly ever visit Hong Kong by themselves.

  • Europe, US, Australia, Canada and other Regions

    Europe and the US remain a favorable market, especially for Asian companies breaking into and pushing the global expansion process. Chinabiz21 is one of the very few consulting firms in South East Asia that offers company registration, set-up and many common business services associated with the formation of a foreign company, in Europe and the Americas. It is a major advantage for businesses that are in a"going global" mode in both ways.
    This extra flavor service comes almost common sense due to the German/Australian heritage of Chinabiz21’ founder and CEO and with a personal knowledge of the 2 market of more than 35 years, you are under a solid hut.

the following section provides your with the most common Q&A

Why do I need Chinabiz21 for my business registration?

The answer is, you don’t
You can easy register your business by yourself, or, just like back home, get an accountant to fill all papers, accountants are very efficient in that. There is but only one two–and–a–half–part question;

  • 1. how much experience do you have on the market regions, it’s rules, pitfalls, black–holes, general China business registration procedures, etc., ?
  • 2. how experienced is your accountant in business management and market research, etc., and how much time could he/she spare away from daily accounting tasks to conduct more research on your Chins business registration concerns?

The "Business Registration" business is very competitive in Asia and in China specifically. Literally thousands of vendors and street hawkers are haunting every foreign face in Asian streets day in day out offering to register their business/company in China. One cheaper than the other. So you really will have to suffer the pain of too many cheap choices.

On the other hand, chances are, even though you got the business registered, next time you have question, the mobile number you’d been wrapped around your neck with may not even be answered next time you dial it. People move fast, especially in China and if another RMB can be swiped up across the road, you’ll be seeing flying Shaolins over moving cars, forgotten you are.


What company registration offers does Chinabiz21 have, others don’t?

Perhaps the most significant advantage you get by choosing Chinabiz21 for your business registration over others is, we don’t play words, so simple. We know the power of rhetorical marketing and how easy you could be won over by letting you sip on the right flavor honey jar. Let’s name it, how often did you read or hear about popular phrases, e.g.; "Customer First, Service Foremost", or "100% Customer Guaranty Satisfaction", maybe "100% Money Back Guarantee"? There you go. At the end of the day all that count is whether you left your money! On the flip–side, if you really raise a query, you’ll often get to hear the other professional explanations – "excuses".

Another advantage is, we have no preferred business interested on any market. Whether you need business registration or services for China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia or any other place, we don’t really care. We are neither attached to any, nor do we have any moral, political or society obligation in any business region. Just the same we will not join any circles where we’d be supposed to drop our pants. It’s just not who we are or how we conduct business. We will tell you, untainted and undistorted, everything you need to know to make a professional decision on your business registration intend - and more, still. We’ve walked our soles in business and over hot coals in the China business environment and it is all our aim to help you walk an easier, save path, nothing hidden nor left out. Then, the decision is yours.

Our focus is not your money. Our aim is telling you what we know best and believe you’ll benefit from, knowing, too. That’s all. And by doing so, we will earn some money along the way, too.


Does Chinabiz21 have all the right connections ?

What connection? Government, business or both, or? The answer is, we have all connection we need to get the job done - your business registered and up and running, fast, guaranteed and without any fuzz. What can be done will be done and what we can’t do, chances are very high that we may have hit something impossible. We have earned respect within both local and international business community through being transparent, constructive critical and working with integrity. What we don’t do is joining the dark–side of any business, That again has earned us the needed respect and confidence and we will not change this path.

Any government is what the word suggest, "meant to govern", but we all know, many do a lousy job. In China, government is tough, very tough. It is not up to anyone to judge but, consider some facts and no matter what - one would need to agree they do some heck of a job. Either way, once you are on the table, you still eat together (and that, nice food, too). We don’t need to necessarily love, but we respect and appreciate each other. That again, will continue to open many more doors for a deeper dialogues and better cooperation!

A word from Norbert Harms

Welcome to Chinabiz21

I am delighted to know you browse our website and read about all our services which we have to offer. As you certainly may have discovered already, we are, in fact, quite a little different compared to the "norm". That is not without a reason since this is exactly our philosophy, stepping outside the norm, to being able to offer more and better.

As a consulting firm we see it our duty to live up to the linguistic means of the word and not to the different usages in any language.

Let’s bring that into better perspective.

  • Example: Since a few days, you experience severe headache and seek to consult a doctor to get some medicine.
  • The first doctor will ask you a few questions and then subscribe you some medicine, ask you to proceed to the front–desk and pay the doctor fee and then make your way to the pharmacy.
  • The second doctor would ask you some questions too, but try to find out more about you,and the pain you experience, whether you’d react allergic to anything, or if already took some medicine and what kind. This doctor would also inform you of some potential side–effects that may occur when taking a specific medicine and, if appropriate or suspecting some other reasons for your pain, run additional tests on you, etc.

In my view, the first doctor was merely "a lousy sales person". This doctor may as well do some advertising, promoting any and easy subscription, short waiting periods, etc. The second doctor, however, I’d truly consider professional, acting responsible, careful and sincerely concerned with your situation, committed to spend more time to assure you will receive the correct treatment and leave with exactly the medicine you need.

As business consultants to your company registration and formation needs and many other issues revolving your business or trade development in Asia, we take pride in providing responsible and thorough consultation work, spending more time to analyze and realize your specific needs, just as the second doctor did.

When it comes to promoting our business consultant services on our corporate website, we don’t attempt to replace the WIKI or supply Google with plenty additionally repetitive content – only boring you to death by having you read everything again. We prefer to draw attention to the basic and most important aspects relating to any business or trade development topic and come to the point. Then it is up to you, the reader, to realize the value we can add to your China business development by being your preferred business consultant.

I will be glad and absolutely appreciate, receiving your personal feedback about us. Critics, praise, complaint… you can even shout if you feel like. You can also leave your comment on almost every our pages. Or, you may opt to subscribe to my personal or our corporate newsletters. Whatever you choose, if it’s not spam, we will read it and if you address it to my personal attention, you will hear back from me in the event you requested a reply.


I wish you further enjoy discover more of our useful services, and look forward extending our China business services to you and your firm.

Sincere regards

Norbert Harms