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AdlibVideo Production.

The newest branch of Chinabiz21 - AdlibVideo, celebrates it’s debut. Actually not really new, but rather an old track, newly lined up under Chinabiz21. Our work dates back to the nineties, still, when old film still reigned without the digital influence, So yep, we still know and can handle, the good old trade, because we learnt how to play with light and angle, using our own eyes and skills and turn it into expertise. Now, with help of digital technology, we can produce better results faster and to higher value
At ADLIBVIDEO, we produce:

High quality, company profile videos, which can be used for;

TV commercials
Exhibition video display
Digital displays
Online streaming (web-applications/marketing)
Android applications, etc.

Who we worked for;

  • Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Ogily & Mathers
  • Leo Burnett
  • Australian film producers like; David Gurney, Tony Buckley
  • and a few others


Visit the AdlibVideo website


Our expertise;

  • Simply Photography!
  • We know what light is and how to handle light, we know angles and how to use them and we know how to add up 1+1, simple!

We use;

  • Only the best and latest hardware and software

We post-produce and digital animate;

  • in Hong Kong, Germany and Australia

We are cheap...;

  • Sorry, no, but we deliver more value than you’d expect.
  • We are of European heritage, so we work by following certain European high standards. Makes kinda sense.


  • So if you intend to spice up your company profile and image, we suggest you may want to consider something different, a little more than the usual stuff, something, viewers would want to rewind and view again, not turn you off and move on to your competition, because they understood!
We are certainly not interested in:

competing with the high class, professional YouTube and Facebook video producers,
producing cheap digital animation just so you can have digital animation, too,

So if you look for a quick, cheap video... iPhone!

No, serious, we won’t be the cheapest, but we will give you the best to a very competitive and affordable investment. That is exactly what it is - a very professional investment back into your own company!

Are you ready to get your ADLIBVIDEO company video now?

All you need to do is pick up the phone or just click right here and get in touch with us. In 2-3 weeks you could be in possession of the

Need more information?

We will shoot everything in one go, even if the shoot is very complex, involves different location, we need a helicopter for stunning and daring birds-eye views and whether we need to stay just one, or 4/5 or more days.

  • We shoot using the latest technology.
  • We can add high quality, digital animation.
  • Master copy will be delivered on high quality commercial, professional hard-disk, for long time storage and easy reproduction without quality loss
  • Additionally, we will deliver your video in 5 formats (even more if necessary, for free)
  • We can also assist in web-application integration
  • We can provide Narration in 7 different languages
  • We can provide "simultaneous" translation (lip-translation, which means it will look like you would talk in that language)
  • We will stream your video for free on our business video portal


Convinced? Then it’s time to press that button and get your ADLIBVIDEO company video!
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