Make your business with China flow smoother, faster, more profitable!

China Business Consultants – on Tap

Know where, Know who, Know when, Know how! How?

Apply a simple business formula; you tell us what you need, we go and get it for you! Simple.

Our favorits: "Speed Professionalism Accountability & Commitment"

And since we stem from the old school, still, we don"t just hear noise, we listen for specific sounds. It’s just how we are used to work for the past 35 years and so we will continue. It will provide you with the all needed comfort and peace of mind and us, loyal clients who know whom to turn to.

(OEM) Manufacturers, Traders, Entrepreneurs, Newbies and Business Veterans, they all appreciate our service. We must be doing something right.

Smart Business Solutions - For Smart Business

100s of smart business owners realize their benefits and take advantage!

They value our China business development expertise, attention to detail & accountability.


  • Market Entry Studies | Market Research
  • Property Negotiation | Professional Translation - Notary
  • Background Checks | HR | many other business services

Whatever you require to develop or strengthen your business in or with China,
Chinabiz21 will provide you with all the necessary China business expertise - and
deliver the Services and Results better than expected.

Our business consultants will provide you with ongoing, unprecedented high level support - just as it should be - in favor to meeting your business development needs.

Need to setup, or expand your company in China, Hong Kong, or Singapore? Somewhere else, too?

Fast - One-Stop China company formation

  • China, Hong Hong, Singapore, Asia, world-wide
  • Professional advice, alternative comparison
  • All documentation and procedure handling
  • Office and Industrial property handling

With Chinabiz21, your Company formation process becomes a breeze. We have set and walked the footsteps for a long time and keep up with China business setup pathfinding since it keeps changing faster than traffic signals.

Your personal consultant will guide you through step by step.
Your company registration will become seamless to you and
our vast range of additional after services will impress you.

Protect Your Intellectual Property & Business!

As global market expansion grows,
protecting your property and business can decide on you make or break it!

Increasing numbers of intellectual property theft are bad enough, but – imagine someone would ask you to stop operating your business, under your own name - tomorrow? Don"t fall a victim!

Make sure "you own" Your Intellectual Property & Business!

  • Patents & Trademarks
  • Legal | Technical Advice & Consultation
  • Document & Registration Handling
  • Asia | Worldwide Registrations

Tomorrow can be too late and client who regret and need to spend more to claim back, we have enough! So make your move today, for a Intellectual Property sorrow free tomorrow!

Practical China Trade Solutions

They say Guang-Xi, We say, know how to do! And we did it a thousand times

Smooth production and/or procurement tasks in China? Over distance? You can get it done, cost effective, to your specifications and within your time-frame, with Chinabiz21’s;

  • Complete China Procurement Management Systems
  • Production Development, Project Planning & Control
  • Warehousing, Logistics, Shipping & Insurance Services

Guang-Xi works against you, correct control delivers you results!
Make use of Chinabiz21’s Proven Trade Development Services.
Start cutting trading costs - manage wise & Win More Clients

Taking your company public, you add prestige, visibility and high, long-term rewards to all players in the market, your - customers, suppliers, employers, and community.

Going Public - IPO services through Chinabiz21

  • Going Public in Hong Kong | HKXe
  • Going Public in the US | NYSE
  • Going Public in teh UK | London
  • Going Public in Japan | Tokyo
  • Going Public in Canada | TSE

Despite the global financial crisis, the cue at the NYSE is long and growing! The time for taking your company public is always right, as long as you are well prepared. Contact Chinabiz21’s IPO consultants for your initial, free IPO evaluation.

Business "Add-On" Services & Outsourcing

Keep your business operation in China profitable and flow! Responsible, reliable, trustworthy staff is still one of the greatest obstacles for companies in China. Outsourcing you common, day-to-day tasks to Chinabiz21 will help you reduce costs and company theft!

manage Your Day-to-Day Business Tasks with Minimum Efforts

Chinabiz21 will take care of your;

  • Bookkeeping | Accounting | Office Works
  • Translation | Proof Reading
  • Emailing | Letter Drafting | Liaison
  • Document and other Storage
  • Stationary / Web Design ...

Meet Our Team

At a time where "fast turn-around" is, more than ever before, such a high stimulator, - motivating, inspirational and quality teamwork is the one success driver at Chinabiz21. At the end, only a team driven by the right values can assure you, "ongoing, high quality business services" in China.

Sure we may not be a 100.000s staff heavy multinational, neither shall we attempt to become. We continue to prefer quality over size, and this philosophy fits perfectly in with each our team member. On the backside, our dedicated team of global and local Chinabiz21 Business Consultants still have over a half a century worth of combined international business and trade development experience to offer, with over 20 years of business development and business relations expertice specifically adhering to China. Whether you just want to weigh off your options or you are already full throttle into doing business with China, need legal, IP, QC, HR or any other assistance and/or advise to your China business, or you are an expatriate living and working in China looking for help, a Chinabiz21 business consultant is always just a short phone call away.

Chinabiz21 Business Video Gallery

Completely NEW to Chinabiz21 - our China, Asia and world-wide Buisness Video Gallery. As the name already suggests, here, Chinabiz21 will build a video gallery solely dedicated to and perfectly suited for the global business community.

In this section you can search for and watch videos gathered from business folks all around the globe, either related directly to doing business in or with China or any other Asian country. If you are an existing business, we encourage you to submit your own business videos here, for free (some conditions apply) And if you need a talented team to produce some high quality business intorduction videos for your firm, we have our talented, professional videography team prepared for you! Want to know more about your options to advertise and represent your company at a professional, very high level? Give us a call!

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